“your Most important job today is to take care of their health. Try not to get sick in this situation and, of course, his colleagues, friends too to see. The enemy who came to us, – of course, no comparison is not with the difficulties you experienced, but nevertheless, it is a dangerous enemy, and only together we will win,” said the mayor.

In response to the congratulations to the Chairman of the Moscow all-Russia public organization of veterans of war, labour, Armed forces and law enforcement agencies Vladimir Dolgov said that the capital’s veterans a good, fighting mood. He also thanked Sobyanin for his work to combat coronavirus.

the Chairman of the Moscow Committee of war veterans Ivan Slukhai said that the Committee members strictly adhere to the recommendations to counter the spread of the virus and for eighteen months was not lost a single person.

Sobyanin stressed that the cancellation of the Victory parade on may 9 does not mean that it is not quite the parade will have when you will be able to defeat the pandemic. “Together we’ll raise a glass of vodka. I think it will be time to celebrate in a worthy manner the 75th anniversary of the Victory. Today the most important thing is your health, it’s the warmth of your loved ones, attention to our veterans. Thank You, dear! With a holiday!”, – said the mayor.