on the eve of the Day of family, love and fidelity, which in Russia is celebrated on 8 July, book service MyBook found, does the book on our family values and which literary couple are the most popular.

60 percent of readers confessed that the books of Russian authors has largely affected their ideas about family and marriage and even suggested what should be the ideal partner. And as it is surprising, but it is literature, which is not limited by any boundaries, except the talent of the author, was the main Bastion of family values. Apparently, tired of the games with tolerance and indeterminate sexes, 76% of respondents said that domestic fiction must lay the foundations of family values. In this timeless classic will handicap non-fiction books on family psychology and psychology of relations, to their lessons ready to follow, only 39 percent of survey participants.

Remember Dante: “I saw a lot of faces worthy of love, decorated with a smile and beam, and the character honorable and peaceful…”. But Russian literature is a whole gallery of amazing perfection of steam – a man and a woman. The winners were the heroes of the immortal novel by Mikhail Bulgakov the Master and Margarita, which received 30 percent of votes. Only little, only five percent, and gave them the Assol and gray from the story by Alexander grin “Scarlet sails”, which became the anthem of all lovers. On the third place of the invincible and uncompromising love of Alexander Grigoriev and Ekaterina Tatarinova – persistent and purposeful people whose difficult fate has created in the book “Two captains” Veniamin Kaverin.

Man is always striving for a reliable family hearth, a reliable stronghold of stability and safely around in the stormy sea of life. And our five leaders completing the Pushkin Pyotr Grinyov and the captain’s daughter Masha Mironova together with Natasha Rostova and Pierre Bezukhov, whose thorny path of quiet family happiness in all its glory drew Leo Tolstoy in “War and peace”.

the top 10 also included Ruslan and Lyudmila of the same name by Alexander Pushkin, Konstantin Levin and kitty Shtcherbatskaya heroes of the novel “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Dubrovskiy and Mary Troyekurov from “Dubrovsky” by Alexander Pushkin, Natasha Rostova and Andrei Bolkonsky, the already mentioned heroes of the novel “War and peace”, and Aksinia Astakhova and Gregory Melekhov – the legendary characters of the epic by Mikhail Sholokhov “the Quiet don”.

do Not forget the readers and Eugene Onegin, too late understand the true value of feelings for Tatiana Larina and Anna Karenin with her passionate and destructive love for Alexei Vronsky, but these literary couples only took 15 and 13 places respectively.

the Undisputed leader among the books that best just�� ideals of family and marriage, the Russians have called the “War and peace”. 37 percent of respondents chose the outstanding epic by Leo Tolstoy, which proved that all families are happy the same, but unhappy in its own way. In second place – gathered 21 percent of votes adventure novel Benjamin Kaverina “Two captains”, and the third story by Alexander Pushkin “captain’s daughter”. The top five also got another Pushkin’s “Ruslan and Lyudmila” and the cult epic by Mikhail Sholokhov “the Quiet don”.