Ghent, Two of the teachers who are affiliated with the department of communication sciences at Ghent university to get a ordemaatregel be imposed by the vice-chancellor, Rik Van de Walle. The professors were at a night market, with about a hundred students and talk to agents who have a complaint about the work I came to discover. In the eyes of the students to tell the professors that we would be in a fascist police state to live in and to have the power to turn one of them says “Sieg heil” when the cops want to go. In the meantime, the teachers are not present.

on Friday, organized by a professor and his assistant, a live-streamed for students to take them at a distance, to give a lesson. A moment later, the lesson is more of a social experience, and the instructors took a drink. So I went to the market, through to the middle of the night, but because of the instructors and also the music is turned, called in the neighbours and the police with a complaint about the noise.

all The agents, that is, the findings were to do with regard to the complaint, they were allowed to enter, and were the two qualifiers to identify it. They asked for their identity cards, but the professor at first refused several times to give up. In the meantime, the market will continue and as for the men, the police and discussed the issues, they returned several times to their web page. “We are in a fascist Belgium,” he said to the assistant at the sighted students. And later: “Welcome to nazi Germany.”


As one of the teachers, not living in the apartment, the police had to find out if it was not for a public assembly that is, in the context of the coronamaatregelen out of bounds. The teachers said that they have, in the course of their work had come, and that their work is considered to be essential, however, because the professor still refused to take his id card to show you, turned to the debate, and, more and more politiemedewerkers for the on-the-ground assistance to clients.