The management of

the options of the current season, the start of which was delayed because of the pandemic of mers in the air of the Sky Sport said sports Director of “Formula 1” Ross brown.

Ross brown believes that the main problem may be the moving of the participants and teams from one country to another. While during the stages of the management of “Formula-1” will ensure complete isolation of all participants of the Grand Prix from the outside world.

Photo: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti At the FIS made the cancellation of world Cup ski racing next season

“a Race without spectators – not the best solution, but it’s better than no racing, he said. Now millions of people are forced to sit at home and we want to give them competition, without danger to their lives and health. We consider options, able to provide the early start of the season – and the opportunity to continue it. It makes no sense to start the season, if then have to get back on a break. Most likely, the season will start in Europe. Perhaps the first race will be held without spectators”.

Ross brown sure that it is possible to spend 18-19 Grand Prix if the season starts in July.

“According to the regulations of the world championship, we have to spend eight Grand Prix to determine the winners, he said. – The number of races we can have, even at the start of the season in October. But we would like to start early. If we start in July, then spend three Grand Prix with one break.”