Ghent, Ping the Penguin is going to do every day along with senior citizens associated with the local service centres, in order to provide an easy way to get moving. The elderly people can take part in from their windows or from their balconies, the Ping will provide the music and the distinctive movements of the body.

Ping, the Penguin, is a creation of Pascal Vandaele, a buurtwerker to MOVE the 9000, and the type of sport non-profit at a Young age. Under normal circumstances, the organising Pascal bewegingslessen for children in vulnerable positions, and their parents. Those moments are always shows on in a particular topic, in which the bewegingscoach themselves off in different ways. When the coronacrisis broke out, he began to make short films, so that the children and their parents stayed at home to exercise.

As a local service center that the video’s with a saw, they asked Pascal if he beweeglessen was organized for the senior citizens in the area. “Of course, we have the question discussed,” says the general coordinator of an ngo: Young, Peter Monsart. “Moving around is good, but for the elderly it is in the current coronacontext not an easy one. In addition, many of the elderly do not have a computer or internet access, so they can’t beweegsessies be able to follow it.”

Several times a day,

Pascal, and a few days a week and Ping the Penguin is for older people who are attached to local service centres, to help them from the comfort of your balcony or behind the window is in motion. Sometimes it can even be used multiple times per day to the same apartment. “Because they are in motion, we work on the physical well-being of the elderly, and, at the same time, they are out of their social isolation, withdrawn,” says Pascal.