the Resident Irish of County Down, United Kingdom, lost 133 pounds and told how he managed to achieve this result. His history of weight loss shared edition of the Daily Mail.

At the peak of obesity Phil Kayes (Kayes Phil) weighed amounting to 235.8 pounds. The doctors warned him that with such a weight he will hardly live to see 40. The Irish did not listen to their words, until 2017 found out that his mother has terminal cancer. Then he realized that he needs to lose weight.

the Cayes since childhood, was overweight and in College it only got worse. When the Irish came to work a civil servant, he is so worried because of the appearance that no longer get out of the house anywhere but the office. “I’ve been avoiding events where a lot of people, like parties and weddings. I knew I wouldn’t fit in airplane seats, so didn’t travel, although I wanted to. At that time I just worked, was hiding at home and eat. It was a very lonely time,” said the man.

most of all, he worried that after his death his body will not be able to make from the third floor. When the Irish heard about the deadly illness of the mother, he was determined to lose weight, so she doesn’t upset even because of him. A man joined a local slimming group and began to stick to the nutrition plan. His diet consisted of potatoes, pasta, fruits and vegetables, so he didn’t feel constantly hungry, but lose weight. Kayes added that in the environment of the slimming people it was much easier not to break.

When the Irishman lost a little weight, he again started to ride a bike, which by that time I have not done for 30 years. He goes on long walks and does yoga. “My life now is quite different: it is full of opportunities, friends and adventures,” admitted Kayes.

He believes that with this new look and confidence was able to meet his love. Kayes began to live together with his beloved, flew with her on the Mediterranean sea and had been sightseeing in Berlin. He hoped that in their lifetime of adventures and travel.