In the U.S. city of Guilford, Connecticut, local resident Chris town (Chris Town) decided to help a family friend move and fell through the floor of the house. It is reported by The New York Times.

the lady of the house, which was built in 1843, rented it not long ago and found the soft spot on the floor in one of the rooms. She asked Chris to be a dangerous place the bed frame to keep from falling ten year old son with autism. American collecting furniture and suddenly fell through the floor, falling into the well at a depth of over six meters. “He literally disappeared right in front of me,” — said the wife of Chris.

a Rescue operation involving the fire brigade took about 45 minutes. According to the patrol captain, this situation is really unique. For 26 years of service he had not encountered anything similar. The victim escaped with minor injuries and bruises and admitted that he was lucky: “I Feel good. Because I almost died.”

In early June, it was reported 29-year-old UK resident Jacob Roberts, who fell into a well depth of four meters and stayed there for six days. After falling for a long time he called for help, but nobody heard him.