was to have been a ball-man-Star Mickie Krause (49) at the beginning of April on the plane to Mallorca climbing, in Nightclubs such as the Mega-Park is to occur – but these concerts, nothing for the time being. Due to the Conora pandemic, the season threatens to fall completely into the water. Like many other artists Krause as is for the time being without work. One or the other Mallorca, the singer expressed already fears of existence. In the Interview, Mickie Krause (“honey, reveals a photo”), why he has no understanding of what he thinks of the actions of the Federal government, and why he wants his Fans with “Krause home” at least a little to other thoughts, bring give me.

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teleschau: Mickie Krause, this issue was rarely as little formality as it is now, so first of all: How are you?

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Mickie Krause: So physically it’s good and otherwise also. I feel fit and healthy. Currently, I am in the marathon preparation and complete for weeks, long runs of up to 32 kilometers. If it wouldn’t go well, I could not cope with such routes.

Moritz artist / monster pics Teleschau

teleschau: you were recently, but are already in quarantine. Why?

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Mickie Krause: Up to 13. In March I was with my son, a buddy and his son in the Tyrol, in the holiday. My buddy had a regular flu and then had to test. The Test was negative and we were told that If we did not have any symptoms, we must not allow ourselves to test. Thank God, my son and I symptom-free but for security I have issued to me two weeks in quarantine. I live in the countryside, not los is anyway not much, that’s why it was so bad. The quarantine is now over.

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teleschau: it was Originally planned to occur from April again in the Mega-Park on the island of Mallorca. What are the consequences of the Corona-pandemic for you?

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Mickie Krause: For me it means that I can’t exercise my profession in the next two to three months – at the Moment I am allowed to enter not a stage. And I can’t imagine that this regulation is loosened in the near future and it will play back events for more than 1,000 people. Even now, I get shifts at 50 to 60 Cancellations or appointment. That is, events that are to take place in April or may, to be placed, in part, in the autumn.

teleschau: How do you feel about that?

Mickie Krause: I’m not going to let the corona crisis, the mood darkened. I’m a positive and life-loving person and I will be also during and after the crisis. I’m trying to enjoy that I can now slow down time. Actually, I wanted to take in November, a six-month break – which I have now brought forward practically.

“of Course I’ll help, and also donations,”

teleschau: what is the mood in your Majorca colleagues?

Mickie Krause: Different. I had several times to contact Tim Toupet, who was tested positive to Corona, after he came back from Ischgl. He said he’s good, but he is exactly how I think that the Mallorca season is over for the 2020 in fact. Before July is not going to happen much. In the media you are reading right now by existential fears. Some colleagues say they need to race to the office, if this continues. So I ask myself: What did these gentlemen in the last few years is all wrong? How have you handled your money?

teleschau: your colleague Jürgen Milski already expressed his lack of understanding for such statements …

Mickie Krause: he is right in any case. That artists who have really earned over the years, good money, Express themselves, and now of existence, talk about fears, is not for me to understand. This is a disrespect to the people who need to come up with a monthly salary of 1,800 or 2,000 Euro clear. When I think alone in the gastronomy or the tourism industry. I love Yes the most beautiful island in the world – this is not Mallorca, but the island of Norderney, as everyone knows. Since everything lies fallow at the Moment. People who live from tourism, such as restaurant operators, the need to pay a monthly rent, have months of no income. These people, it hits much harder than us.

teleschau: Do you still Worry, what are the economic consequences of the corona-crisis-brings – also for your industry?

Mickie Krause: Clearly, the financial consequences are likely to be devastating and is not known at the present time yet. I’m no economic expert, but I’m pretty sure it will be in the next few months, many failures. Some of the Nightclubs I know now already that you have to July. The beer king, or the Mega Park Mallorca can handle it, maybe, kind of, but just for the small Nightclubs and organizers, it will be hard and you will then perhaps also be able to re-open and events.

teleschau: In the case of fear, but also feel a great solidarity: footballer waive part of their salaries, fundraising campaigns to be launched. You engage in any Form?

Mickie Krause: My earnings are at the Moment practically Zero, but it is not acceptable that I, the human, which is even worse, not support. Of course I’ll help and also donations. And I’ll lend a hand if my help is desired. Finally, the people who now have financial difficulties, have contributed, also, that it goes to me today as well – for example, they visited my concerts or on the ball man abfeierten. This should not, and should not be forgotten.

“More cows than people”

teleschau: do you Believe that people will take away from this crisis as something Positive?

Mickie Krause: I think that the cohesion is thus, in total, greater. Also within the families. And Cohesion is the key, I think, to survive a crisis like this.

teleschau: In Germany are now home and contact restrictions. How do you assess the actions of the Federal government in the first weeks of the crisis?

Mickie Krause: I welcome that. I spoke a few days ago with friends in Mallorca and who is there shopping in the supermarket only when a other Person went out. In contrast, it is relaxed here, yet. I’m not a politician, but I think our government does a good Job – better than the governments of many other countries.

teleschau: do you Have the feeling that the Germans take seriously the requirements enough?

Mickie Krause: I live in the country in an 8.000 soul village. Here, well out of the way, and there are also no Meetings of more than two persons. I still go out for Jogging, what has been criticized already by some people. But on my Jogging track, I meet more cows than people. The I let me not take for the Jogging has been Meditative for me and I stay fit and healthy.

teleschau: How do you spend otherwise, a lot of unplanned free time?

Mickie Krause: I take care of me – very boring – things like my tax stuff and accounting of service charges. But I spend a lot of time with my family. We play Board games, such as “Get Hubi!” and “Trivial Pursuit”, we have even started a Puzzle with 1,000 Parts. I also have a nice Fitness room, since I’m on the treadmill, and a large garden, since the lawn needs to be vertikutiert. So I pass the time really well.

teleschau: most of it sounds actually very nice activities.

Mickie Krause: Absolutely! For me, the slowing down is pure. I don’t know how great my family thinks that I am now so much at home – but if there is so much on the Essentials, it is somehow also a beautiful time.

teleschau: How do you reach in these times your Fans?

Mickie Krause: By sending via Facebook or Instagram-live from my living room. When I for the first Time, for the fun of it tried, it was directly 250,000 Times liked. So I said to myself: My Job now is to conjure people a Smile to your face. I play Songs, answer questions, and tell between jokes Fips Asmussen or Markus Krebs – and the half hour is up.

teleschau: So without the audience and the applause in the domestic living room – how does it feel?

Mickie Krause: for The first Time, it was unfamiliar and weird to talk 30 minutes alone in front of a camera and sing, without knowing who really listens and who I am. But the second Time I had used it, and now it’s really fun. I long for me but still, very to my audience.

teleschau: What do you think, when you get back to normal could go to?

Mickie Krause: That can of course see nobody. But I’m in a good things that it started maybe in September. I think in the autumn we will be celebrating very, very much …

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