In recent days in the capital confirmed the new cases 4712 COVID-19. This was reported in the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in Moscow. In all, the city recorded 130 716 cases.

42.3 per cent of new cases was in patients aged 18 to 45 years of age, 35.7 per cent of cases among the citizens at the age from 46 to 65 years, nine percent in people aged 66 to 79 years, six percent of Muscovites aged over 80 years. Seven percent of new cases COVID-19 was recorded in children. All patients and close contacts of people are already under the care of doctors.

the Regime of time limits in Moscow persists until 31 maglance — protection: Moscow gets a mask mode

Patients who suffer COVID-19 in the form of light, are treated at home. According to the regulations of the ambulance doctors examine them and make sure that the condition is satisfactory and treatment at home is not a threat to life. After this, the patient and his family to sign a consent that they will not leave the apartment until it is confirmed by the absence of coronavirus in the body.

Specially organized in the capital a group of doctors is searching for the most effective methods of treating coronavirus infection. They develop techniques and choose the most effective drugs in cooperation with specialists from the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, the Federal scientific-research institutions and medical universities.

One of the techniques which are pinning great hopes — the transfusion of plasma antibodies to the new coronavirus infection. Donors can be people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have developed immunity. They should not be contraindications to donation of blood and its components and chronic diseases. Donors receive a special payment.

to Learn more about the prevention of coronavirus infection and how to combat it it is possible by phone of hot line: +7 (495) 870-45-09, as well as in special projects