The main enemy of Marshal Konev ordered the state protection

As you know, the best defense is a good offense. The mayor of the district Prague 6 O. Kolar, against whom Russia’s Investigative Committee has instituted criminal proceedings in connection with the barbaric destruction of the monument to Marshal Konev, apparently, pretty scared. And so I decided to make a preemptive strike.

as a weapon, he chose the weekly “Respekt” and, in particular, its staff of around Kundru known for its closeness to Czech counterintelligence. And here in the pages of this popular magazine an article in which the author States: the head of the municipal formation Kolaria in danger, and its source may become a Russian citizen who had just arrived in Prague. In addition, according to the weekly, “noted the movement of a group of scouts from Russia to Europe.”

you Can understand the fear of the man who mischief and now fears a fair prosecution. But how to present “a certain Russian citizen”, who managed to get in Prague through the closed borders, the blockade of all transport (planes do not fly, trains do not go, cars are not allowed) and the strict police control. Even more absurd looks the statement of movement on desert Europe “group of scouts”.

If such persons are really identified by law enforcement, what prevents their detention?

Now, as they say, to the district chief put a guard.

Interestingly, this “drain” in a popular weekly magazine coincided with another leak from secret agencies: this time in the newspaper “Novyny Lidovy”, which wrote that the traces of the recent hacking attack on the Czech hospital and the international airport of a name of V. Havel lead in Russia. However, officials commenting on the report, noted that information analysis is not yet finished, but also to refute the “duck” did not.

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