The main buyers of cheap iPhone SE

The main consumers of “cheap” iPhone SE will become the owners of older devices like the iPhone 6. This is with reference to market analysts reported by Reuters.

Experts believe that the main buyers of the new SE will become fans of the brand Apple, which own obsolete by smartphones, in particular, released in 2014 the iPhone 6. “These are people who use the telephone for four to five years until it breaks or the battery will fail”, — said the expert of Gartner, Annette Zimmermann (Annette Zimmermann).

The journalists also touched upon the topic of the popularity of the new smartphone in the Chinese market. They noticed that in a poll in Weibo on the subject of buying iPhone SE about 60 percent of the 350 thousand of respondents said they were not going to purchase the actual apparatus. A fifth of respondents noticed that are going to buy it, the other said it will consider buying a cheap iPhone in case of cost reduction. In confirmation of these intentions, the comment “If we don’t buy it, the price will drop by 200 yuan” scored more than 10 thousand likes.

Reuters said that China will be one of the main markets the most affordable smartphone in the line of Apple. At the moment, analysts attribute this to the fact that China is the only major country that has decreased the spread of coronavirus, and opened the Apple store.

SE iPhone with a 4.7-inch display and the framework design was presented on April 15. The cost of the device in the basic configuration with 64 gigabytes of storage will amount to 40 thousand rubles. After the release of the device, Apple has removed the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.