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Michael Franzese (69) was for many years capo, a kind of a local leader of the Colombo family, a part of the powerful New York branch of the sicilian mafiagrupperinga Cosa Nostra. He jumped from Cosa Nostra in 1995, but have still good contacts within the organized crime in the united STATES.

today, The authority, he himself as a writer and foredragshaldar for, among other young lovbrytarar who wish to break with the past say. In the active forbrytarkarrieren his he was known under the kallenamnet “The Yuppie Don”, which can omsetjast with something such as jappe-mafiasjefen.

He told to the american magazine Forbes that the criminals all started with willow koronatestar, vernemasker and other necessary equipment to the hospitals and other institutions, and that all of them are pure scam. He believed that the activity of the criminals will increase in the time to come, now when the united STATES seems to have become the new epicenter for korona-the pandemic.

– Perfect relationships

A kvinneleg koronapasient being helped into an ambulance in New York city. The american big city is hard hit by the virusepidemien.


They serve so much money they can as quickly as possible, and they care not about who they svindlar. And the pandemic has created the perfect conditions for them, ” says Franzese to the magazine.

special agent Rich Jacobs in the Fbi division of cybercrime in New York city says that crime in connection with koronaepidemien roughly speaking can be thought of as falling into two.

– The first is a traditional scam with the test equipment, vaccines and medicine, or offered to invest in the fake company, they say, and make such equipment. The second part occurs on the web, in which fraudulent web pages and emails giving advice on how to protect themselves against the virus, ” he says.

These pages contain often the links you can visit to get more information, and it may again lead to identitetstjuveri, installation of fiendtleg software and such things.

Also here in the country there are recorded attempts at a similar type of scam.

New York city is hard hit by the koronaviruset, and helsearbeidarar are working frantically to help the sick man.

Photo: Kathy Willens / Kathy Willens Illegal gambling

Former special agent in the FBI, Ray Kerr, says that avlysinga of any sporting event has led to that the Cosa Nostra has lost a lot of revenue. He believes that illegal gambling on all types of idrettar, has been a very important inntektskjelde for the mafia. It means that they have to look around for other ways to earn money on.

Cosa Nostra in New York is largely governed by five familiegreiner. There are families Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese and Lucchese.

Earlier this week presented the Geneva-based forskargruppa GIVE-TOC, where 500 water on organised crime, a report about how the current koronapandemien will ache into organized crime. Here is it shown to example, all over the world about how criminals utilise the pandemic to possess gain.

We have previously heard about criminals in favelaene in Brazil who have taken the responsibility to keep the citizens innandørs, while the authorities have done little. This makes them because they will earn less money on the narkotikasal when people are sick or even die.

They also show for example from Mexico, Iran, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Italy.

Italy hard frame

Italy is one of the countries that are hardast frame of koronaepidemien, and the police have all taken the seizure of the trust or forfalska equipment to the health services in several regions.

Sergio Nazzaro, a spokesman for the antimafiakommisjonen in the Italian turkey said it like this:

“the Mafia is as koronaviruset – it reaches you the same where you are.”

There is a known issue that mafiagrupperingane has infiltrated large parts of the business sector in the country. Is there money to earn a place, so the mafia is there, also in the industry that supply equipment to the health services. In 2018, it was revealed that a mafiagrein in the southern Italy made a deal with local politicians to deliver medical equipment to, among other things, a hospital and a health centre.

Here were the mafia to gain control over everything from the production of equipment for distribution, according to the GIVE-TOC.

The Italian antimafiapolitiet is greatly worried over what the mafia can exploit the fact that many forretningsdrivande have got big problem as a result of the pandemic. When the mafia comes and offers them loans, then many feel tempted.

And shall be a first in the clutches of the organized criminals, it is difficult to come away. Interest rates are skyhøge, and often ends it with, that they criminals overtek control over næringsverksemda.

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