The Madrid hospital overflowing with patients with the coronavirus

“I Have five patients and only one bed! I have to choose,” says a doctor at a hospital in the suburbs of Madrid Sara Chinchilla. According to her, is not always enough medical supplies, masks, ventilators. Other regions of Spain have already expressed willingness to help the capital with the ventilator, but they themselves are free only a few tens of units, hundreds, thousands.

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on the other hand, medical staff is already at the limit, every day, more and more patients, many hospitals have abandoned other activities completely going to help those infected with coronavirus. But those who care about them, becomes smaller. Doctors and nurses infected despite all precautions. We are talking about hundreds of professionals, Sigsig of the disease, at least three died due to complications of coronavirus.

As noted in the trade unions, health workers are completely protected, they are working in “inadequate and very risky sanitary conditions, lack of materials and protective equipment.” According to the Minister of health of El Salvador Elias, in the next eight weeks in hospital received 550 million 11 million masks and gloves (in the framework of the supply from China of medical equipment for € 432 million). However, these two months need to survive. And the Spaniards have raised the question why the country was not a strategic stock of medicines. While it remains unanswered. However, as in many other European countries who find themselves in the same position.

“If I three months ago, said that we will work in such conditions, I would not have believed,” said the doctor Lydia Pereira. According to her, the workhouseICA hospital “La Paz” tested for coronavirus, only when already sick. “In the end, the hospital may be left without staff,” she warns.

“then I feel helpless,” says the nurse, Sonia Pacho, the counterpart of which was one of the victims Covid-19. In recent days, she travels to the homes of patients with mild symptoms, tests. Each time you must use a new set of protection (mask, cap, gown, gloves, goggles, shoes). And their lack does not allow to test for all coronaviruses. In this connection, doctors suggest that only in Madrid should be over 50 thousand infected, and the official statistics says only about 17 thousand.

Great hopes were pinned on rapid tests purchased in China. The Ministry of health of Spain had acquired 640 thousand tests, but it turned out that their efficiency is only 30 percent instead of the required 80: they often give a false negative result. The Chinese Embassy in Madrid explained the cause of the problem. In the rush to Spain appealed to the company which is not licensed on the production of such tests. And now Madrid is forced to look for a new vendor.

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Meanwhile, to relieve the hospitals, the authorities of the Spanish capital has agreed with several hotels about placing them in patients with mild symptoms. 40 hotels participating in this project can take up to 9 thousand people. The first “customers” the first one took a week ago. For care involved medical students who will soon have to pass the final exam.

in addition, on-site green room.Lex Ifema has opened a field hospital with 5500 beds. Thursday he was suddenly visited by the king of Spain Philip VI. “This place is already a source of hope not only for patients, which is care not only for the hospital centres of Madrid, which will get relief in their daily battle, this tense and heroic, but also for the morale of the rest of Spain. Our common desire is to win virus to overcome its effect as soon as possible to recover and even more to unite our life projects, our economy and our well-being,” said he.

the Need to create a new space where you can place sick, it became evident after March 20. Then in the emergency room of Metropolitan hospital. Severo Ochoa de Albornoz asked just 240 people. And to place there were only 80 patients. In the end, the rest had to wait their turn, a few hours after sitting in a chair, and some even lying on the floor in the hallway. Of course, the management of the institution then turned, opened the new premises, established additional beds, but the feeling of helplessness remained, both patients and doctors.