Today, July 6, after a nearly four-month pause opened for visitors the Louvre is the largest art Museum France. Visitors must buy tickets at a marked up up to an hour of time, not to stand in queues and be sure to wear a mask. About a third of the rooms will remain closed in the wings Sully and Richelieu. Last year the Louvre has received 9.6 million visitors. The year 2020 promises to be the worst since the beginning of the century. “We expect at best 20-30% of normal summer attendance figures,” said Museum President Jean-Luc Martinez.At the end of June for the visitors opened another Paris landmark — the Eiffel tower. Previously, because of coronavirus in France was canceled cultural events. Were closed the Orsay Museum, the castles of Versailles. Cancelled a performance at the Paris Opera, the concert hall “Olympia” theater “Odeon”, the Paris Philharmonic.Alexey Tarkhanov, Paris