In the finale of the current season “The Lion’s Den” another very special product is coming to the investors. A designer wants to make our transport and travel lives easier and shows an unusual invention that could become big.

There was excitement and enthusiasm in the current season “The Lion’s Den” on VOX. Now the last episode is running for the time being, before the start-up show continues in the second half of the year. In the last few meters, two men present the lions with a special product that has the potential to become a household hit. Geza Lakatos is a designer and therefore has to travel a lot. At some point he noticed that a sack truck is rather uncomfortable and unwieldy when traveling, but that some people travel with very heavy luggage. That’s why he wanted to invent the “sack truck for your pocket”, as he says himself. So he teamed up with 3D designer and 3D printer owner Jan Nordhoff.

With Rollyzberg (formerly Rollyz Berlin) they invented a roller system that is actually relatively easy to take with you. Flat or angular transport rollers can be attached to objects such as suitcases, washing machines, cupboards, heavy packages or similar either with an adhesive pad or tension belt. Then the parts can be rolled through the counter and the transport rollers can be removed afterwards.

The rolls may look plastic, but they’re biodegradable because they’re made from cornstarch, vinegar, and glycerine. Some lions are already impressed by the quality and the idea is also well received, but some of them have concerns that the system can be copied too easily. Jan and Geza had the design protected, but not the function. In the end, it should be 125,000 euros for 15 percent of the company. Which lions are going to hit the final deal of the season?

“The Lion’s Den” runs Monday, May 30, at 8:15 p.m. on VOX.

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