Sometimes the founders inspire in the show “Die Höhle der Löwen”, but often enough there is also criticism. One company is having a particularly difficult time with Carsten Maschmeyer this week.

The Lion’s Den continues. A founder from Thailand has a few very good arguments ready for the investors and another team initially finds it very difficult. Especially with Carsten Maschmeyer, “This Place” bites on granite. But why actually?

With “This Place”, Laura Simonow, Finn Hänsel and Fabian Friede have invented a cosmetics brand that uses health-promoting ingredients – preferably the hemp plant product CBD – in creams. That’s nothing unusual for a company in The Lion’s Den, but when the founders talk about how their company is put together, things start to get stressful. Finn and Fabian are the founders of the Sanity Group, which includes This Place, while Laura is the co-owner of the cosmetics company. So they split “This Place” among themselves, the original founder doesn’t own everything. This is the first red rag for Carsten Maschmeyer, as he himself says, and Judith Williams nods doubtfully. When Finn and Fabian say they want to take care of part This Place and part Sanity Group, Maschmeyer sits up and frowns. Then it becomes clear that there are more start-ups that belong to the group. “It’s getting worse and worse,” throws Maschmeyer into the ring and is unenthusiastic from the pitch. Except for Williams, all the other lions are out too, she calls the constellation a “bitter pill”, but still makes the three founders an offer. Originally they wanted 200,000 euros for ten percent. Will it stay that way?

Pim Ampikitpanich was born in Thailand, grew up and emigrated to Germany nine years ago. While cooking in Thailand with friends, she noticed that there was a great interest in her recipes and founded “Konkrua”. Based on well-known principles such as “HelloFresh” or “Dinnerly”, she designed a cooking box with ingredients and instructions that make Thai food quick and easy. The ingredients come directly from Thailand and the bamboo transport bags are made by local women. 250,000 euros for 20 percent of the company, that’s what Pim would like.

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