On the background of the pandemic entrepreneurs are more likely to complain about a delay of payments under government contracts, specifies the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs Boris Titov in a letter to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. To solve the business Ombudsman proposes to expand the presence of banks in the relations of customers and suppliers the introduction of settlement by letter of credit. It is expected that the performance of the obligations of the banks are guaranteed to pay the contract vendor.Almost every fifth payment (23%) on purchases of state companies have been overdue for more than a month, follows from the analysis of the savings Bank according to the Unified information system in procurement. In this case the Commissioner for protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov notes that against the background of a pandemic has increased the number of cases because of non-payment.In a letter to the White house, Mikhail Mishustin Mr. Titov proposes the introduction of a mechanism of letters of credit for the purchase of state-owned companies (FZ-223) — obligations of the Bank to pay the payment to the vendor under the conditions of the letter of credit. It is assumed that the customer will be confirmed with the supplier of the conditions of contract and to conclude with the Bank an agreement on opening letters of credit — the supplier will receive payment upon confirmation of fulfillment of obligations to the Bank. The payment may be made in two ways: to withdraw funds from the account of the customer or for the Bank’s own funds (the financing provider under the limit and a lower rate of customer).The mechanism is proposed to run the pilot project to assess the impact of the launch of new credit products. To entrust the implementation mechanism is necessary, the Ministry of economy with the participation of the Central Bank and the office of the business Ombudsman, to the letter.Recall that the banks now give the suppliers a Bank guarantee as security for performance of the contract to reduce the risk of customers in the event of a breach by the supplier. The banks have been criticized participants of the procurement process for failure to freeze funds to special accounts — to solve the Finance Ministry has proposed that banks in the number of control subjects (see “Kommersant” on June 1).Diana Galieva