The Leshchenko confirmed coronavirus. The artist has double pneumonia, he's in intensive care, but

the Russian singer, people’s artist of the RSFSR Lev Leshchenko, who yesterday, along with his wife Irina Baudino arrived at the hospital in Kommunarka in connection with bad state of health, conducted the test came back positive for coronavirus.

Both spouses older than 60 years (it – 78, it – 66), therefore, are at risk. According to the Telegram-channel 112, the status of the artist is estimated as very heavy, he had bilateral pneumonia, pulmonary edema started. The Leshchenko significantly decreased the percentage of oxygen in the blood, he is in intensive care.

the Source of CP in health care also confirmed the diagnosis of coronavirus: “the test Results were ready yesterday. The diagnosis of coronavirus Lev Leshchenko was confirmed.” However, this source reported that the status of the artist “is now normal, without complications, after resuscitation of the patient going to translate in the usual therapeutic mode.

according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” citing a close friend Leshchenko, the actor recently went on tour in USA and Canada. On March 11, he returned to Russia flight through the French Marseille, where the raging pandemic. There he and his wife were the first symptoms of SARS. The flights confirmed artist and poet Love Voropayeva. Details of hospitalization of her colleagues shared the singer Alexander Serov. “Sasha said that Loew recently arrived from America and was most likely going to get it on the plane. There’s also all salons walks from air conditioners. And here they are with Ira already in Kommunarka” – said the poet.

As told the concert Director of the artist Oleg Dmitriev, Leshchenko began to feel ill on March 11. He and his wife have had the symptoms of SARS, and they tried many times to call a doctor to the house but no one came. In the end, the couple went to the hospital in Kommunarka.