The legendary hippopotamus-butterfly-number of Clown Pic in the knee is unforgettable. With the German Circus Roncalli the now 70-year-old Swiss Mime show history, and far beyond his native St. Gallen, the man with the giant soap wrote, in addition to a living artist legend bubbles. Now, the renowned Director Thomas Ott (52) has erected to him a monument in the Form of a portrait film about his eventful career.

Pic-appreciation of Emil Steinberger

“Cirque de Pic” for over twelve years and without any funding. “We wanted to get the freedom and liveliness in the presentation and the luxury of the time frame,” says Pic to VIEW. “Working with Thomas was very exciting and extremely attentive.” At the heart of the film form a variety of Pic-classic, uncut. This prominent interview partners come from the industry. “The worthy of of sizes, such as Roncalli-founder Bernhard Paul and Emil Steinberger meet me with great joy.”

Film Premiere on the 28. March in St. Gallen

Steinberger praises the subtle and expressive facial Expressions of Pic. And he was surprised at the lack of gifted performers have so far never received a roll of film. The popular comedian is at the Premiere of the day after tomorrow, Thursday, Kinok St. Gallen as well. The timing is no coincidence. Actually, the movie would have been planned for the autumn of 2019. Because the cinema in connection with the knee-the costume exhibition for the 100-year anniversary at the textile Museum St. Gallen films, but it’s a whole series of well-known Circus, “Cirque de Pic”.

“A Declaration of love to the circus”

“says The plant also is a Declaration of love to the circus,” Pic. He recalls in the Film, as it is versatile and romantic was the car, the barren life in the circus living and how he loved to come to a tour in your own four walls. The future of the circus-ride, he is not Worried. “I personally have no fear for the future of the circus, when it is lived as the last Thursday of the knee-Premiere: carefully, generously and immediately.”