Ilya Prusikin, the leader of the rave group Little Big and told about the creative plans for the team.

The musician said that the group could get to the next international competition, – informs Т

But particularly they don’t bother – the important thing for members of the group – think and implement new ideas, of which should be born hits.

According to Elias, the success they eventually achieved because he had never amounted to any templates. For example, thanks to the imagination and unblinkered appeared in “the million cities” like Uno and Skibidi.

As for the creative orientation, Prusikin believes that the group Little Big have a lot in common with the famous Swedish Quartet ABBA.

It and organizational issues in Little Big as in the Swedish group, four vocalists, and occasionally used to put into music and songs are Uno and costumes.

As reported by “the Rambler”, live Russian rave group Little Big for the song “Uno” declared the fastest growing in the history of YouTube-channel of Eurovision!

This information is posted on the website of the international competition.

For two months the video received over a hundred million views, and this number continues to grow day by day.