Elman Pashayev, the lawyer of the actor Mikhail Yefremov, said that his client has an unusual disease — absence epilepsy. At the time of the fatal accident, the actor allegedly occurred a seizure, which he does not remember. It is reported by telegram-channel “112”.

According to Elman Pashayev, that’s a major reason for the innocence of the actor. Now experts check, whether there is such a disease in an artist.

Absence seizures — this brain disease of different etiologies. In the absence of adequate treatment tend to chronicity.

Previously, this disease was called an absence seizure, or – in the French manner – ptimal.

Ptimal – short-term dizziness. The patient suddenly loses consciousness, he seems to be missing ( FR. Absence, absence seizure, absence) after a few seconds, consciousness returns and the man continues to do, which was occupied before the attack.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported the new version of the protection of Ephraim. Pashayev said that the actor does not remember the time of the accident, and his testimony dealt with what happened after the incident.

Pashayev confirmed that Yefremov was in the car, but to answer the question whether the actor at the wheel, refused.

The accident occurred on 8 June. The car Mikhail Efremov, who was in an alcohol intoxication, has left on an oncoming lane and crashed into a van “Lada”. The driver Sergey Zakharov died from loss of blood. The actor was not injured. The court put him under house arrest until August 9.