The lawyer harshly assessed the plans to expand police powers

a Bill that drastically expands the rights of police officers and allowing them to open the car and to seal the housing, criticized the well-known lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky. According to him, law enforcers will use the epidemic to “quick” to push through a law allowing them to take complete control over citizens.

the Bill, which yesterday wrote “MK”, ready for submission to the state Duma. It will allow the police to open the car without the presence of the owners, if it is necessary to save someone’s life, or to prevent crime. And the owner in this case should report the incident within 24 hours. Motorists in horror — anyone can say what is yours is ours.

Also, the guards will be able to cordon off areas of buildings and territories, to within this “environment” to carry out examination of people and their things. So, even a lawyer in case which is not going to call?

But perhaps the most dangerous is that the detention of people the police will be able to use the weapon if the actions of detainees will be regarded as the threat of attack. Here offhand just two dangerous moments. First, the guard may be suspicious. Secondly, it turns out, the police to justify the use of weapons it is sufficient to say that he had something there to show?

I do not understand what now this is happening to give the police these extra powers, says lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky. – Do we have an explosion of banditry? Military time when it is necessary to fight the saboteurs and underground fighters? That now has changed so much, making the need for such emergency measures?

According to counsel, the existing order of penetration in the transport, apartments and rooms for operational workers were enough.

They had no problems getting appropriate penalties and penetrated where they need, – said Agranovsky. – I don’t see any need to give the police such powers.

why do we need such laws?

– I think that they come from the security forces themselves. And security forces in all countries are the same and want to simplify your work. I don’t even think that they are there was founded a malicious sense. Rather, it is caused by their good intentions — fighting crime. For example, there was an initiative to fingerprint all of Russia’s population. We were told: honest people have nothing to fear. That is, from the point of view of the security forces, this is perfectly normal. And from our point of view it’s horrible.

Want to say that their desire is still a little below the offer has been accepted?

– operations security forces limited to civil society, parliamentary control. Because��about what they are doing their job – maybe even good and sincere, can put us in the conditions of a police state. The saddest thing is that many of the measures they will try to push it now, in an emergency situation. All this can now be accepted in simplified order, quick. And we can Wake up in a completely different state.

But the crime is growing, do not argue.

– the Growth of crime, of course. But this problem must be addressed is not the security forces – it will be solved by the distribution of people livelihood. And that is very important — a huge mass of people are driving now in the house not the police. The absolute majority of the isolates themselves. Someone out of fear, and some of consciousness. Do not need very stringent measures to apply to our people, and so it is quite disciplined, as it turned out. I don’t even know what kind of world will we live when the epidemic will end. The epidemic will pass, but the laws remain.