Supreme court of the Netherlands accepted the appeal in the Yukos case is another round of confrontation between the former shareholders of the oil companies and government. The story is really endless. Russia must pay $57 billion to Yukos by the decision of the court of the Hague. The Ministry of justice have become accustomed to years of litigation, and does not intend to surrender.

Holland took the appeal of Russia to the court of Appeal of the Hague on the recovery in favor of the former shareholders of Yukos $57 billion.

it would Seem, in the Hague can consider the case only with the consent of all parties to the conflict. Russia seems like the good are not allowed. Despite this, in the case there is an international Tribunal, and the government is again preparing for the showdown. Moreover, the Russian Federation does not challenge the verdict, so the already announced sale of valuable assets.

Earlier in the Yukos case were arrested brands of vodka “Stolichnaya” and “Moskovskaya”. They planned to sell at auction in September, partly to return the money to former shareholders of the oil company that Russia should pay the decision of the court of the Hague.

“the Question is more political than legal. The Russian Ministry of justice in such disputes is unambiguous position not to pay anyone compensation, — says the managing partner of the law firm Tax Compliance Michael Runners. — In Russia was considered litigation over tax claims against YUKOS, which was recognized as lawful.”