in Some places violent blacks stormed wine shops, there were cases of looting tobacconists. So now these outlets remind military checkpoints: their Windows and storefronts laid sandbags, barricaded with boards.

well-Known polar Explorer, the head of the 58th Russian Antarctic expedition Bellingshausen station Oleg Neruchev recent years, working in Cape town, at the southernmost extremity of this continent. He told the correspondent of “RG” details:

– Alcohol was banned, allegedly due to the fact that regular drinking is associated with participation in large campaigns, communication, and it leads to a higher risk of getting sick. As for Smoking, then here came from the fact that South Africa is too large a number of pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis. Such people to coronavirus are easy prey. Also among the local population it is customary to transmit one and the same cigarette in a circle, then have her smoke several people, which also contributes to the spread of the virus.

Strict mode has been introduced for motorists and pedestrians. All travel between cities is almost banned. For travel by car in the city was required to pass, and we are not e-passes, both in Moscow, and the paper, with special protection against forgery and seals. Such gaps in the first place was equipped with doctors, employees of city utilities and emergency services.

When it was introduced the compulsory wearing of masks, almost all made them ourselves. And factory masks and respirators were directed to physicians.

First, the vast majority of citizens of South Africa were sympathetic to such strict measures. But the trouble is that nobody expected such a long imprisonment. Many booze and smokes is long over, and to fill them there was no way. Hence the understandable resentment, especially by the marginalized,

what is the way out found South Africans?

– widespread production of beer at home, – says Oleg Neruchev. – Not only beer, but spirits. In the course went pineapples, bananas, ginger, and sorghum. And the Internet has declared “experts” recommending how best to organize the process of fermentation. Today I read this advice: if, after receiving home-made alcohol headache, it is necessary to pour the beverage into the toilet.

At the beginning of quarantine from prison under the Amnesty were released nineteen thousand prisoners. But the bench was empty for a long time: in jail turned out to be violators of quarantine measures, including surfers, lovers of surfing on the waves. They could not grasp why walking, running and Cycling along the waterfront �� ожно possible (in the allotted time – from six to nine in the morning), and go out to sea is impossible, even keeping the “social distance”.

walk-Jogging in South Africa, according to Neruchev, there were a lot of misunderstandings. There were cases when the police was detained and issued a violation just because the man was stopped while walking for a short break. You can’t stand – it is necessary to move.

Monday, June 1, authorities canceled a number of restrictions. In particular, on weekdays will be allowed to sell alcohol and cigarettes.