Rover Perseverance and Ingenuity of the Martian helicopter almost ready to fly to the Red planet. However, new technical problems still hold the spacecraft on the Ground. NASA announced a new launch date of 22 July.

The Rover Perseverance is part of the mission “Mars-2020”. In this programme, he should arrive at the planet approximately by February 2021. The main task of Perseverance is the study of the ancient environment on Mars, the assessment of past habitability of the planet and collecting samples of soil, with subsequent delivery to Earth. To help the Rover will be a helicopter Ingenuity, which is equipped with two cameras and able to hang in the air for 20 – 30 seconds.

The whole world was waiting for finally happens-launch vehicles, and here’s NASA again postponed the launch. Original launch was scheduled for 17 July, but then it was pushed to July 20. A new change of date for July 22 appeared because of the situation related to the cleanliness of the premises where the work is going, and “took extra time to address problems with contamination”.

Now scientists say that a small delay is not a serious problem, as the launching period lasts until August 11. However, if the space Agency can’t send the Rover up to this point, NASA will have to wait for the next chance until 2022 because of the position of the Earth relative to Mars.

Perseverance will soar from the air force station at Cape Canaveral in Florida using rocket Atlas V 541.