At Autre Riche, traditional know-how blends with the refinement of classic clothes and the relaxed style of modern outfits. Italian blazers rub shoulders with faded jeans. Heritage meets the present. Inspired by a world where “burning candles are the only unit of time”, “Burning Candles” is the second official collection of this young Montreal brand of clothing for men and women who last year left the experimental stage to enter in marketing.

Self-taught, Alexandre Jacques, founder and creative director of Autre Riche, offers a selection of high-end pieces, jackets and blazers, shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans, shorts, skirts and accessories, which match and juxtapose in a successful formal mix.

At the base of his work is this desire “to take a certain type of long-established clothing and modernize it using certain elements and codes unique to the brand”, he explains. Thus, a classic Italian blazer sees its style rejuvenated by a discreet zipper. There is also the desire to highlight craftsmanship and, in this new collection, this translates into a transposition of Spanish ceramic tiles from the 13th and 14th centuries in a weaving carried out by the weaver France Therrien. The result is magnificent scarves, new-style ties and skirts, woven by hand, on a loom, in cotton and linen threads.

“Weaving is a skill that is exceptional and unfortunately is being lost,” laments Alexandre Jacques. I find it important to integrate it into a brand that is still very young. »

For its shirts and jackets, Autre Riche uses end-of-batch textiles from Canadian warehouses. The majority of the pieces are made in his workshop in Montreal. Unveiled a few months ago on social media, this spring-summer collection will be available for pre-order by mid-April, at prices ranging from $125 to $1,920. The previous collection is still available online, on the Simons website.

The second high-end Edito de Simons collection, consisting of 10 pieces, ranging from the classic trench coat to the shirt dress, including an oversized cardigan and a satin slit skirt, will be launched in the coming days. The success of the first Edito collection, launched a few months ago, showed that Simons customers invest in quality clothes with a timeless style that stand the test of time. Luxurious materials such as cashmere, silk and cotton are favored in these high-end collections and each piece has been designed by the Simons design team.

Skincare brand La Mer is launching a new social media campaign featuring Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh. In the first advertising film, the 60-year-old talks about her love for ballet, while discovering the new intense regeneration silky cream. For Michelle Yeoh, the sea is a place where she finds serenity and inspiration, and which brings back fond memories of the time she spent there with her family. “It’s that same connection that drew me to La Mer, a brand that understands the healing power of the sea. Not only do La Mer products make my skin glowing and healthy, they also give me the same sense of calm and rejuvenation that I feel when I am at the edge of the ocean, “said the actress in a press release.

On April 14 and 15, Atelier B is holding one of its popular collective sales. In addition to shopping for clothing (men’s, women’s, non-gendered, children’s), accessories and other objects with a minimalist aesthetic that are normally found in the workshop-boutique on boulevard Saint-Laurent, you can browse the collections of Noémiah, by Elisa C-Rossow and Atelier DNHN. There will even be artisanal chocolate from the Montreal brand Qantu, to help with endurance!