The labour Ministry has proposed to enter into with large families social contracts

the Ministry of labor proposes to enter into with large families social contracts, the government will increase public funding of such contracts. Dedicated to cocontract money you can spend on training or starting a business, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

More than others the risk of poverty affected families with children, 80% of the poor in Russia is families with children, said Minister of labor and social protection Anton Kotkov. “Poverty is defined based on per capita income, so families with children most at risk of poverty”, — the Minister noted.

In 2020 for the conclusion of social contracts from the budget allocated 7 billion rubles, an experiment taking place in 21 regions. From 2021, the program conclusion cocontraction will work in all regions, for this purpose, an additional $ 22 billion.

Authorities conclude cocontract with families, the income of which was below the subsistence minimum per person.

dedicated to cocontract money family members can get training to a new profession, to become more competitive in the labor market to seek employment at a higher salary. Family can also access the money business.