The Kremlin has called a plucked Turkey in Syria problem

According to the official representative of the Kremlin, in agreement and in accordance with the requests of Moscow to the Syrian Idlib appeared observation posts of servicemen of the Turkish Republic, whose tasks included the control over the activities of militants and prevent terrorist activity and to prevent aggression against military sites in Russia.

“to Accomplish this task the Turkish partners could not, as a significant part of the militants is beyond their control,” – said Peskov after the operational meeting with permanent members of the security Council, chaired by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, Turkish news Agency Anadolu released footage from a satellite camera, showing an air strike on Idlib in Syria. According to the Turkish military destroyed about 130 units of military equipment of the government forces of Bashar al-Assad, and also “neutralized” 1.7 thousand people. This was the response of Ankara to the death of 33 Turkish soldiers were killed during shelling by Syrian air forces in Idlib province on February 27. The defense Ministry said that the Syrian air force struck blows to positions of fighters, and the Turkish units were not supposed to be in the area.

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