the Kremlin has appointed a new chief UGIBDD GU MVD of Russia on the edge. To them became 48-summer Nikolay Smolyakov, who previously held the same position in the Belgorod region. Information about this published on the official portal of the Department.

a Month earlier the President of Russia dismissed the former head of traffic police of Krasnodar region Alexander Kapustin. The reasons for dismissal if not reported. However, shortly before that, in the Kuban broke out large-scale corruption scandal connected with activity of employees of traffic police on the assumption the DPS office. “RG” already wrote about it.

According to investigators, the traffic police took bribes for almost everything – including unimpeded passage of alcohol and other products. In the end, it was the arrest of several senior police officers and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation even said that it revealed “the criminal community with participation of the police.”

In places of residence and official premises of the suspects was conducted 49 raids.

it is Known that the new head of traffic police of Kuban was born in 1972 in the Belgorod region. He served in the army in Germany. His work in the police started as a Junior detective in the criminal investigation. Then worked in the patrol. Later Nikolay Smolyakov 10 years in the police squad of special purpose. Graduated from Belgorod law Institute and in 2010 he headed the Department of traffic police UMVD of Russia across the Belgorod region, where he worked until the year 2020.

In the regional management of traffic police of Kuban has informed that the new head has not yet arrived to the region and personnel are not yet presented.