the trump’s invitation to join the G7 summit at the Kremlin is a lot of questions, said press Secretary of Vladimir Putin. “We don’t know the details of this proposal, whether official, this initiative”, – said Dmitry Peskov.

According to press Secretary of the President, while the invitation has a lot of questions: “In what capacity? With what agenda? What is the composition of the participants?”

Peskov said that Putin is a supporter of dialogue in all directions. “But to react, you need to get more information,” he said.

however, Peskov added that there is already “comfortable, efficient and effective mechanism for international dialogue, such as the big twenty”. “This mechanism allows to discuss all relevant issues,” he said.

Donald trump has decided to postpone the summit “the big seven” from the end of June for September, and to invite several countries outside the Union – Russia, India, South Korea and Australia.

“I don’t think “seven” adequately reflects what is happening in the world. This is a very outdated group of countries”, – explained his decision to the American President.

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