Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin believes it is incorrect to assess the verdict in the case of the Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopieva.

“Since your question is in any way associated with the assessment of a court decision which was rendered today, I’m not going to answer it. It would be incorrect, because, you know, we never comment on the court decision. And we will not continue to do so,” – reports RIA “Novosti” Peskov response to a question that, according to the Kremlin, should do in such a situation to journalists.

Reporters asked Peskov, can we assume that the Russian President sees the situation the same way as the Prosecutor’s office requesting for Prokopieva 6 years of imprisonment.

“No, why? The Prosecutor’s office, she is not guided by the orders of the President, and the law. This oversight body. And in this case it is absolutely independent position of the Prosecutor’s office,” he said.

Peskov said that because the situation associated with the theme of the terrorist threat, terrorism, propaganda and justification of terrorism, there are certain legal nuances that were taken into account by the prosecution and the defence and the court.

“No, absolutely not so… it is a question of compliance or non-compliance of the relevant laws of the Russian Federation related to combating terrorism,” added Sands, answering the question, should the situation be considered as a signal that journalists are not necessary to understand why the perpetrators committed the attacks.

Peskov added that a reason not to trust the judicial system in the Kremlin do not see. “The Russian judicial system is also in the process of development, progress,… I would not do all the same conclusions about the confidence of society in the judicial system. I don’t see any evidence of this”, he said.

This Peskov stressed that nothing should stand still, everything must evolve. “We have a society, the state and all its institutions are in a constant state of development and improvement”, he added. According to the press Secretary of the President, in the Kremlin consider that the sentence Prokopieva not mean a ban on journalists investigating cases of terrorism: the issue of the observance of laws.

We will remind, earlier on Monday, the Second Western district military court held a hearing in Pskov fined local journalist Svetlana Prokopieva 500 thousand rubles for public justification of terrorism.