The Kremlin called the statement about a possible repetition of the nineties hysteria

MOSCOW, 13 APR — RIA Novosti. the Kremlin has called “hysterical manifestations of the” assumption that the background of the spread of coronavirus in Russia again “heavy 90-e years”.

He urged not to panic and not “rush to build graphics” on the basis of individual cases.

“even if they are in a number of cities to happen, but just to exaggerate is not necessary, although, of course, it requires special attention,” he added.

In Russia, 18 328 cases COVID-19, nearly fifteen hundred recovered, 148 died. In many regions, there is a high alert, citizens are encouraged to stay at home, almost completely stopped Avia – and railway communication with other countries. Media reports about the increasing cases of attacks and thefts, the interior Ministry refute this information.