Power is sexy, money and more. Jürg Marquard life style is unusual. He celebrates ZH Hollywood in herrliberg, rocking the seas on a Yacht on the world, driving fast sled. But you should not plug the media a millionaire in a drawer. As a party lion alone, you will not be successful.

“Jürg Marquard has a brilliant instinct to do the right time the Right thing”, stated the entrepreneur Beat Curti (82) once. Marquard understand it, to socialize, conquered the first Swiss publisher of the German magazine market. In Hungary, he was named the Consul General. In 2018, he then figured according to the “balance” among the 300 richest in Switzerland. His life-style of the former “Mister Pop” freely. “Why the hell should I hide what I’ve worked with great dedication and Sacrifice hard?” the Self-made millionaire asks.

However, the success and the luxury are not for him everything in life – his seven children and two grandchildren are today its greatest treasures. “I have seen that hedonism should not alone be the only elixir of life. He should stay in Balance with all the other content of Being.”

the focus of his life is the beautiful Villa “Bella Vista” in herrliberg ZH (picture above) with a magnificent view on the lake of Zurich. It includes 1400 square feet of living space, a 5000 square meters large Park with a 10’000 square meters of reserve land comes. In front of the specially built glass construction sleek sports car series in the living room, life-size image, the Marquard 1968 with Rock icon Jimi Hendrix shows.

For over 25 years he spends in the Winter, a lot of time in the feudal Penthouse of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, GR, he took over from Playboy Gunter Sachs (†78). “I was able to build the tower on three floors, and did so in an elegant, timeless mountain style.”

estate in Miami Beach

Marquard with the Ex-US-Model Priscilla Ogilvie was married, he possessed an imposing property in Miami Beach, Florida: The “Castello del Sole” is situated on a 15 000 square meters of large area, has 23 rooms, a Park with massive trees, a tennis court and an artificial waterfall. It is also the biggest private port has a plant in Florida. Marquard: “After the divorce I sold the Villa. It had become for the needs of my family too big.” Today, he is better on the Caribbean island of Nevis, in his “Villa Le Mangabey”.

His Yacht

For ten years, spends Marquard the summer, often on his “Azzurra II”, a nearly 50-Meter-long, four-story luxury motor yacht with large sun decks. “My wife, Raquel decorated around it all the time,” he says, laughing. “She loves the decorations, we have, for example, 41 different Sets of napkins rings on the ship.”

fast cars it did to him. “My former girlfriend Christina Surer brought me to the taste. I began to travel with 57 races. Since of course, it was too late for the big Motorsport career.”

travel in a private jet

captured As Marquard the East, he got a private jet. He owned in Hungary and Poland, seven daily Newspapers and two printing facilities. Marquard explains: “Later on, I had to recognize that a private jet really expects and that it will be cheaper, if I’ll hire a plane.”


With the Mexican Rocio he was married only a few years. He met her in Switzerland, when she did there holiday. But her homesickness to Cancún was always great. “You gave me my eldest daughter, Aline, with whom I had a close connection to care.” Aline has studied in Miami communication and later joined the Marquard Media group. Today she lives with her husband and small daughter in London.

In the summer of 1992, increased in Interlaken, BE one of the biggest Fairy-tale weddings, held in Switzerland, ever. Marquard married the former American top model Priscilla Ogilvie (pictured below). Soon Philip came to the world. Three years later, the triplets Audrey, Alexandra, and Caroline followed. “However, the marriage broke up because Priscilla wanted to live with the children in America,” explains the publisher. Today the wounds are healed again: “Priscilla was last year, with her present husband, all children and Raquel on our Yacht.”

In June 1999, when the marriage with Priscilla was long broken, met Jürg Marquard on the then-25-year-old Christina Surer (below). It sparked a few months later at a Golf tournament in Crans-Montana, VS. “It struck like a flash of lightning,” she recalled later. Marquard: “Christina, I’ve spent a couple of great and rapid years. Thanks to her, I got a bug, later own car to compete in racing.”

eleven years Ago, Jürg Marquard dared again: He married the Ex-Model Raquel Lehmann at the registry office in St. Moritz, GR. Perhaps a woman never really matched better to the media millionaire as Raquel. The Patchwork family, their children, Vincent and Bianca, who are fine with the stepfather belong to. “With Raquel, I lead the longest relationship of my life, and I hope it is the last. It takes a lot to me, organized my private life and all of our houses with a lot of taste. It makes me incredibly happy,” says the publisher.