In Tornedalen is the joy of the Swedish government’s decision to put down a truth and forsoningskommisjon. This was announced a week ago:

“The Swedish government has decided that a commission to investigate the violations and abuses committed against tornedalingar, finns and the so-called landsbygdsbeboere (lantalaiset) in Norrbotten in Sweden as a result of assimilseringspolitikken on the 1800 – and 1900-century.”

the People we are talking about, is it the people on the Swedish side in Norrbotten who speak it as before was called “tornedalsfinsk”, today called “meänkieli”.

– Now Sweden’s history complete

Leader in the Svenska Tornedalingars Riksförbund – Tornionlaaksolaiset (STR-T), Kerstin Salomonsson, are happy for this.

the Leader of the Svenska Tornedalingars Riksförbund – Tornionlaaksolaiset (STR-T), Kerstin Salomonsson, am glad that the story of the native speaker minority in Sweden going forward.

Photo: Arctic Minds

– We är going down och tacksamma för att Regeringen beslutat att inrätta a spirit of truth and försoningskommission för övergrepp against tornedalingar, kväner and lantalaiset, she writes in an e-mail to NRK Kven.

She says it’s good that this dark part of their history becomes a part of Sweden’s history. Without their contribution can never the story be complete.

“For our minority innebär it one step at försoning och förståelse för följderna of the övergrepp as människor utsattes för”.

Salomonssen says most of them are in majoritetssamfunnet in Sweden, and also many in the own minority, do not know to this story.

Many young people have lost their own language

Also Hanna Aili in the Met Nuoret, ungdomsorganisasjonen to the STR-T, is happy over that assimileringspolitikken against the tornedalske minority finally “get it genomlysning och erkännande the jennifer a.”

And she hopes that the younger will gain an understanding as to why so many of them have lost the language meänkieli.

One of them is Wilma-Saga Persson in the Met Nuoret, she describes it so in a Instagram-mail.

the Requirement of a truth – and forsoningskommisjon in Sweden similar to the one we’ve got in Norway was presented by the STR-T and Met Nuoret in the fall of 2018.

Hanna Aili from the Met Nuoret (high.) was with when Sweden’s culture – and demokratiminister Alice Bah Kuhnke received the study “And was rush as a fånge” in april 2018 by the time the chairman of the board Bengt Niska in the STR-T.

Photo: Curt Persson

In 2018 was added from a report indicating that the tornedalinger was subjected to abuse on a par with what happened in Norway, with among other things, that the kvens/norskfinner and the sámi people. Among other things, was the victim of hodeskallemålinger in a greater degree than was previously known, showed the report.

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the Commission shall be chaired by Elisabet Fura, tidigere sivilombudsmann and judge by Europadomstolen for human rights. Both Salomonsson and Aili have great faith in her. The rest of the commission is not pointed out as yet.