A source in the Japanese Foreign Ministry said that the government of the country may protest the Russian requirements for the Sakhalin-2 project. This decision will be made if they violate the contract. This is what the newspaper writes about.Ru” with reference to the Japanese edition of “Iomiuri”.

The source stressed that “contracts with Japanese enterprises [must be] fulfilled.”

Analysts reported earlier that Russia had put Tokyo in front of a difficult choice by deciding to nationalize the Sakhalin-2 field, whose shares are held by Japanese companies Mitsui and Mitsubishi. In their opinion, Japan “can respond to Moscow’s actions in three ways, and all of them have drawbacks.”

First of all, companies can fulfill Russian requirements and get a share in the project. The second option involves refusing to switch to a new operator. At the same time, long-term contracts for the purchase of gas remain. In the third scenario, “Japan does not invest in a new operator, and contracts are terminated.”