The isolation called harmful and pointless

Rigid restrictive measures taken in many countries to combat the coronavirus, including the introduction of the regime of self-isolation for the greater part of the population, in fact, meaningless and dangerous. These were called Swedish epidemiologist, Professor John Gesek (John Giesecke), reports Al Arabiya.

According to him, despite the fact that many governments believe that cancelling classes in schools and public events, closing borders and forcing people not to leave their homes, they will be able to smooth out the peak incidence and allow the health system to function in a normal mode, in fact there is no evidence that such measures do work and can lead to the reduction of mortality from infection in the long term. Most likely, the coronavirus will eventually become as much a part of everyday human life, as the seasonal flu, and to affect it it is impossible, he said.

At the same time, according to Giesecke, it is obvious that such actions will have dangerous political consequences — now the leaders of a number of Eastern European States trying to amass more power and demonstrate dictatorial. As noted by the epidemiologist, similar political developments unnerve him more than the coronavirus.


Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway refuse to impose severe restrictions to counter the spread of the coronavirus. In particular, residents are allowed to walk the streets, visit parks and gardens. In Finland this policy was explained by the fact that being outdoors has a positive impact on people’s health.