After the mega transfer of Darwin Nunez, who cost up to 100 million euros, Jürgen Klopp is criticized for an old statement. There is a lot of ridicule for Liverpool’s head coach on social media.

Old press conference causes a stir: At a press conference in 2016, Jürgen Klopp sharply criticized the high transfer fees in football – Paul Pogba had just switched to Manchester United for 105 million euros. “If you bring a player for £100m and he gets injured, it all goes down the drain. The day this is football, I won’t do the job here anymore. Even if I had the money, I would do it differently,” said the German at the time.

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Fans take Klopp at his word: Klopp’s pithy statement from that time makes waves on the Internet. The verdict on Liverpool’s head coach on social media is scathing. “Klopp is a hypocrite,” write several users. “The criticism of Klopp after the statement is completely justified,” said another. Another writes: “How can it be that Jürgen Klopp is still in his job as a manager? Then he must be one of the biggest hypocrites.”

Record transfer as a trigger for criticism: The reason for the excitement is the commitment of Darwin Nunez. The Reds announced the change in the night from Sunday to Monday. For the 22-year-old, the English will pay up to 100 million euros with possible bonuses – the 100 million pounds (117 million euros) that Klopp so criticized in 2016 is not much missing.