The interior Ministry and Regardie denied reports about the deployment of troops to Moscow and curfew. Mayor Sobyanin called nonsense message about the troops

In the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow and Regardie denied information about the alleged ongoing transfer to Moscow army units to enable quarantine mode. According to representatives of these services in the Moscow management of law enforcement agencies of information about strengthening of security measures was not reported.

the Source of Regardie noted that in the Moscow military district personnel is enough to bring the metropolis under complete control, and the transfer of additional military forces it does not need. “Only the unnecessary spending in our already difficult time”, – quotes the Agency “Reuters”.

In the press service of Regardie “Novye Izvestiya” reported that it was the redeployment of one of the units, but about participation in the provision of additional measures against the coronavirus of the question. Seen as the next bloggers convoy of military equipment will take part in the Victory parade, said Regardie.

it is possible that some of the troop movements related to the instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the audit of the army’s willingness to combat coronavirus infection. These events are held in the military units of the Western and Central military districts, the Russian space forces, strategic missile forces, departments of chemical corps, engineering corps and individual health coverage.

last Sunday, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has called the nonsense information that in Moscow the alleged deployment of troops due to the coronavirus. “It’s just speculation or specially inserted fake. Throws that Moscow introduced by some troops – nonsense! Close to nothing,” – said Sobyanin in the documentary “the Coronavirus. Everything you need to know” to “First channel”.

In Runet in the last couple of days there have been numerous reports and video of one of the highway in the direction of Moscow moving large convoy of buses filled with soldiers. Published and motion video militaryth technology. But later it turned out that it is the participants of the rehearsal of Victory day parade in Alabino.

In Moscow introduced troops under the cover?

And that in other cities? There infa?

Crown ????- Virus ???? flinch?!!#coronavirus #coronavirus

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Moscow sent troops of the National Guard of the interior Ministry

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In the night from Friday to Saturday, military equipment, involved in the parade for Victory Day on red square, was moved from the village of Alabino in Moscow. As it was, see the reportage photographer Mikhail Voskresensky.

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Note that currently the army national guard units introduced in several US States. President Donald trump was allowed to use them to combat the coronavirus, the States of new York, California and Washington. To minimize contacts between people and police controlling the number of city residents in public areas, parks. Military and National guard are engaged in the food and medical care.

This today in So Fl

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The #city that never #sleeps needs to be sedated now#NY_state

More than 3,300 National Guard soldiers are deployed across 28 states and US Army Corps of Engineers work to convert 10,000 hotel and dorm rooms to hospitals in #New_York.#COVID19#WASH_YOUR_HANDS#NYC #StaySafe

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In GU MVD of Moscow, in turn, recalled that in the last week on the Internet circulates fake “order on introduction in Moscow the curfew”. But the fact that it is a fake, wrong is confirmed by the registration document, to the same Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, whose signature is supposedly under orders, is not authorized to impose a curfew.

we will Remind, today the Russian Investigative Committee has established a working group to combat the spread of fake news about the epidemic of coronavirus, which aims to identify the facts of misinformation.

the working group will work to identify these facts, including the Internet and messengers. Will be tracked by false and unverified information on the number of cases of coronavirus in Russia and other false information that contribute to panic. In accordance with the current legislation, the Investigative Committee will give these facts a criminal-legal assessment.