Inspection without accreditation of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) is now a crime punishable by fines up to 300 thousand roubles, compulsory works or arrest. Entered into force the amended article 171 of the criminal code. The amendments will allow to fight with the sellers of diagnostic card, confidence in the economy. Market participants say the law will not work because control is unlikely to deliver the activities of insurance agents who are the most active actors of the black market.July 27, entered into force a new version of the criminal code: illegal entrepreneurship (article 171 of the criminal code) are now classified operators work without accreditation if “this act has caused large-scale damage to citizens, organisations or the state” (for example, in case of an accident) or “associated with extraction of large income.” The investigation of these cases will deal with the investigative bodies of the interior Ministry. Crimes are punishable by a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles or in the amount of wages (or other income) for the period up to two years, or by compulsory works for a term up to 480 hours, or by arrest for a term up to six months.In 2019, we will remind, the state Duma adopted a batch bill, the Ministry of economy of the reform is THAT: the diagnostic card is transferred to the electronic form, a photographing process is SOMETHING tougher penalties for operators, trading cards, finally, introduces a fine of 2 thousand rubles for driving without IT. Innovations, which aim to eliminate trade diagnostic cards was to make in June 2020, but the pandemic period was moved to 2021-2022 years. According to the PCA, Russia officially work 4999 operators and 5571 item THEN. From the beginning of 2020, the Union has suspended the certificates of accreditation from 332 operators (possibility of recovery), the 195 — certificates cancelled.”Acceptance of changes will reduce the risk of registration of the diagnostic card containing the conclusion about conformity or discrepancy to safety requirements of vehicles, non-accredited persons,— said “Kommersant” innovations in the Russian economy.— This will reduce participation in the movement of vehicles not meeting the safety requirements, and will also support conscientious operators complying with the requirements of the law”. “Changes in the criminal code will allow us to more rapidly respond to violations to the law enforcement bodies,— said “Kommersant” Deputy Executive Director of RSA Sergey Efremov.— How effectively will the novel, the practice will show. Such changes need to include to achieve the objectives in the framework of a larger reform THAT.””In many regions, operators are waiting for this amendment. Companies themselves are willing to carry out test purchases and to prosecute insurance agents for illegal trade of diagnostic cards,— told “Kommersant” Deputy Director of Tomsk, OOO “techexpert” (the operator THE) Maxim Suhosin.— In Tatarstan, Krasnodar, Bashkortostan, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tyumen companies are ready to compete for your business, but not all regions are so active. In Moscow and Saint-Petersburg to do this, no one will. While the state does not start to conduct mass test purchasing, the full amendment will not earn”. Chairman of the Board of Directors of group of companies “Tekhnostayl” (Moscow) RAPP of Akhyadov says that sellers diagnostic card (usually insurance agents) under the new articles will not fall, because accreditation is required for maintenance, and the design of the map de jure is not part of this procedure. “The big question about the willingness of law enforcement to apply these innovations”,— said the expert. CEO of the Union of THE operators “techexpert” (St.-Petersburg) Sergey Zaytsev calls the amendment “conceptually correct”. “But the portfolio operators, trading cards, typically already have the necessary accreditation, he says. So, de jure crimes they did not commit, nothing to complain about”.Parallel to the preparation of documents for the entry into force of the entire reform in 2021. Already adopted new rules THAT (government decision), the new rules of filling of diagnostic cards (the draft order of the Ministry of transport). FAS recently announced plans to revise the methodology for calculating maximum fees for the inspection (is used to develop rates in the regions) which should replace the current with 2012. Operators for many years complain of this document, which does not allow to set appropriate prices for IT (“Kommersant” told about it). The FAS plan to make the pricing more “market”, excluding, in particular, limit the size of the Board of inspection.Ivan Buranov