A defective rescue helicopter blocked a freeway entrance to the A9 for hours on Sunday evening (May 29, 2022). An emergency doctor had landed by helicopter because an accident had occurred shortly before the Münchberg-Süd motorway exit.

A 34-year-old had changed from Münchberg to the left-hand lane to drive onto the A9 towards Berlin. However, he missed a car in oncoming traffic, which resulted in a collision.

The person who caused the accident, his passenger and the driver of the second car were injured in the accident. An emergency doctor who was called was flown to the scene of the accident in a helicopter. However, due to a technical defect, it blocked access to the A9 for about two hours.

The three injured were eventually taken to hospital in an ambulance. They were less seriously injured in the accident than initially thought. The helicopter, which had a problem with the rotor, was finally repaired and took off again on Sunday evening.

The Münchberg police inspection was supported by the Münchberg volunteer fire brigade. This took over the securing of the scene of the accident and the traffic control. There was property damage of around 50,000 euros.

A serious accident had already occurred on the A9 on Sunday afternoon, in which 17 people were injured.

According to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, insurance brokers report that Allianz wants to get rid of hundreds of medium-sized companies by increasing prices by up to 400 percent. Property insurance, which companies use to protect themselves against fire, storm damage and business interruption, is affected.

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