experts in the field of health care in the United States warn that the celebration of independence Day 4th of July may turn into a real disaster and lead to new outbreaks of coronavirus infection. So they, along with the governors of States most affected by repeated outbreaks of the pandemic, asking citizens to refrain from public festivals. In response, some Americans are satisfied with the so-called “COVID parties” and deliberately trying to become infected with the virus and win money.

across America, in an attempt to prevent mass gatherings were cancelled thousands of official events in honor of the most important holiday for all Americans – the day of independence.

So, in new York, the main fireworks in celebration of July 4th will still take place in accordance with the schedule, but with some changes. This year the usual clusters of the audience during the show can be avoided, because their location will not be disclosed in advance. While the sight is so short that those wishing to gather at the start of the fireworks just don’t have time to get to it.

According to medical experts, how upcoming holidays will affect the epidemiological situation in the country, now depends on the choices and actions of citizens.

health Officials, and experts on infectious diseases are just begging the public to take precautions and to avoid congestion of the public to minimize the risk of infection by coronavirus.

“I do understand that people are tired of being trapped in their homes, says Commissioner of Public health Massachusetts Monica Barel. – The pandemic is still far from complete. We must remain vigilant”.

No new strategy of the message health officials are not contain. They are all setting new record figures of confirmed cases of infection repeat the same thing: citizens should be responsible not only for themselves but also for others, and that actions such as the wearing of masks, compliance with social distance, stay at home (especially in poor state of health) and hand hygiene can significantly reduce the incidence of infection.

And, of course, these recommendations become even more important in the eve of Independence Day, when many people travel to visit their friends and relatives in neighboring towns and States.

“Now is absolutely not normal times, and the typical July 4th celebrations could contribute to further spread of the virus, endangering people’s lives, undermine our health system and undermine the progress made towards a resumption of the work of the sectors of our economy, – said in a joint statement the leaders of the American Medical asSociali and the Association of state and territorial health officials. – No safe and effective vaccine or therapy, our only option is to continue to take precautions to protect ourselves, our communities and the most vulnerable among us.”

on Thursday, June 2, the number of infected has increased in 40 States, and 14 of them reported record figures for the day. That’s why health officials have to postpone the opening of some enterprises and public institutions, as well as to re-enter the quarantine measures in an attempt to quell the unprecedented surge of the pandemic.

So, in Austin (Texas) people urged to celebrate independence Day “responsibly”. Citizens to send emergency alerts to mobile phones: “the Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the district, the Austin Travis. Stay home. Avoid gatherings outside the home. Maintain a distance of six feet (about 2 meters) from each other. Wear a mask on the face. Wash your hands often.”

Texas was included in the list of regions most affected by the new outbreak of infection. It is noteworthy that the Texas authorities were among the first opened bar, restaurant and hairdresser in may. However, due to the record number of daily cases of coronavirus this week, their work had to be suspended.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, issued a decree on the introduction of a statewide controlled mode, involving the wearing of masks in public places. A similar decision was made by the Governor of Kansas.

In turn, the head of California Gavin Newsom for example Florida and Texas also ordered again to close all bars and pubs. In addition, he was forbidden to visit cinemas, to go to restaurants.

Suspend bars, gyms, cinemas and parks urged the authorities of Arizona.

moreover, again closed many of the beaches – a traditional gathering place of the Americans in independence Day. Most of the beaches in South Florida, Texas and the County of Los Angeles will not work since Friday, July 3.

But in Alabama, a group of students wasted no time to lose and made this week “COVID party” with a kind of lottery. According to a member of the city Council of the city of Tuscaloosa, Sony Mckinstry, young people put on who is faster to get a virus of a new type. “They put money in a jar and try to catch coronavirus, told ABC News Mckinstry. – The first one to do it gets the whole jar. This makes no sense. They do it on purpose”.

At the same time, officials of the Department of public health Alabama state urged citizens to abide by social distance and explain to the user the consequences of such mass gatherings, which can prisutstvovat�� so-called “superastronomical”.

“Asymptomatic spread COVID-19 is the main risk factor, – reads the statement of the state Department of health. – These “super-distributors” do not know that they are carriers of the disease. It is considered that every fourth infected person is a “super-spreader”. For this reason, we highly recommend you to wear masks in public meetings.”

In an effort to curb rapidly spreading infection in a South Florida County Miami-Dade County, the district mayor Carlos Gimenez decided to impose a curfew on July 3. He announced this after the local health officials reported a record of more than 10 thousand new cases of the disease. A curfew in the area will operate from 10 vicar to 6 am. Exclusions apply to ambulance staff, doctors and food delivery. The city of Miami beach, which is located in the Miami-Dade County, on Wednesday, July 1, also announced a citywide curfew from 00:30 to 05:00.

Mayor Gimenez noted that in addition to the curfew, he also postpones the resumption of the work of entertainment, such as cinemas, bowling alleys and casinos.

currently, in the United States was more than 2,7 million cases COVID-19. More than 840 thousand people were cured, 130 thousand patients died.