Loss of taste and sense of smell in coronavirus is now less common, but the reason to be wary and consult a doctor is shortness of breath. Vladimir Bolibok, an immunologist and allergist, told Sputnik radio about this.

Bolibok noted that now COVID-19 has become much more difficult to diagnose due to the spread of new strains and changes in symptoms. In addition, fever and cough do not necessarily indicate coronavirus.

“There are no certain symptoms that used to be, for example, with the alpha strain, now there are no more. A year ago we had a pronounced symptom – loss of sense of smell, and now it is less common,” the doctor explained.

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At the same time, according to him, it is worth observing the patient’s breathing rate and if more than 20 breaths per minute occur at rest, then this is a reason to seek medical help.

“If shortness of breath appears, then this is the most dangerous symptom. You just have to remember that if a person does not carry heavy things and is not nervous, then his breathing rate should not exceed 20 breaths per minute. If a person is sitting quietly, but breathing more often, it means that something is wrong with his lungs,” Vladimir Bolibok said.

Earlier, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development Anastasia Rakova said that from October 1 in the capital, all patients with symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections will begin to do rapid testing for antigen to coronavirus. According to her, in case of a positive test result, Muscovites will immediately receive the drugs necessary for treatment, which will reduce the risks of a severe course of the disease.