At the Gießen animal shelter, he can only lie on a bed of straw, otherwise nothing chewable remains intact with male retriever Timmy. Almost obsessively, he bites everything that comes in front of his snout. “This is the only way he can calm down and reduce his stress – you can’t give him that much chewing bone,” explains dog professional Martin Rütter, supplemented by nurse Astrid Paparone: “If we sometimes have a stuffed animal left over, I give it to him to chew – that makes him happy.”

Otherwise, however, she is very concerned about the hyperactive bundle of nerves: “How is a dog that barks and attacks everyone when walking, find a new home?” Martin Rütter does not want to be discouraged: “In a quieter environment you would manage that, then he does not go so quickly on ignition and only on prey.

“His previous owners were absolutely desperate,” recalls Paparone. “They only went out with him very early in the morning or late in the evening and couldn’t balance his irrepressible energy.” Black dog, walking the gauntlet with a muzzle, rampaging on a leash and every second the danger of being attacked – this task can be done basically just ask a pro. What Rütter Timmys calls “protection of resources” (“If only they had let a good trainer do it much earlier!”) is a challenge and a task for dog trainer Marcel Wunderlich and his Bernese mountain dog Xavi. “Yeah, pretty nervous, the little one,” states the dog professional right at the beginning: “I’m curious to see what he’ll destroy for me.”

And the miracle happens: Xavi practices Swiss composure right from the first encounter and Timmy sinks into the brand new dog bed in Marcel’s home – almost relieved – made of fabric! A few days later, Marcel looks a bit strained into the camera: “If I look a bit exhausted, that’s exactly how I feel.” The experiment continues – and so does the unshakable optimism of the dog professionals in their protégé.

The “unplaceable” Matze and Abbas, on the other hand, radiate pure joie de vivre – even though their life stories to date have been downright dramatic. The cuddly-looking matzo was found in a Romanian ditch when he was ten months old. “The driver who discovered him thought he was dead,” reports Anja Laupichler from the association “Four-legged friends in need” in Schleswig-Holstein.

Matze survived, although one leg had to be amputated at the veterinary clinic and a second leg has been stiff since the accident. Since then he has been bouncing bravely and full of life in his foster home with Laupichler’s colleague Ursula Walter. As Rütter puts it, he will “no longer be a marathon runner or a companion when cycling”. However, his sunny disposition convinces the dog fans Nina and Ullrich on Instagram. Together with their dog Tammi, they take a seven-hour drive from Baden-Württemberg to get to know the battered sunshine – since Tammi is playing along, a promising encounter with an uncertain outcome.

Puppy Abbas is also inspected by a family. A few days before he was born, the police found his mother “Owl” on the side of the road, pregnant and unchipped. From there she came to Anja Hartmann’s foster home thanks to the commitment of the Sedelsberg animal shelter manager Franka Thun: “We couldn’t leave her alone in the animal shelter room with three puppies that were expected.” Three puppies became eight, one baby died at birth, and at Abbas was diagnosed with a severe visual defect. As a blind puppy, he is now the only dog ​​from the litter that has not been adopted – although he copes well with his limitations. “Of course he sometimes tumbles against a fence post,” admits Rütter: “But he does it happily and is constantly learning new things. He doesn’t know any different.”

It is precisely his young age and his ability to learn that attract Elke Mehrfels and her family: “We would no longer take in an older dog with many difficulties.” After all, in addition to husband Dirk, there is daughter Katharina (10), dog Leika and a cat in the household. Father Dirk still has some reservations (“What if your eyes get worse and you have to have an operation?”), but Katharina is already on Abbas’ side when you meet him: “I can teach him a lot of tricks, just by speaking. “

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