but In the United States has promised to protect his country from the “tyranny” of China, once again focusing on the aggressiveness of Beijing. Washington is actively involved in the creation of the image of the aggressor in the PRC, and the Western media picking up this line, fear of the Chinese security response to the crisis in Hong Kong or Taiwan. The experts exclude the possibility of internal conflicts, but allow the launching of the economic cold war between China and the United States.

U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo said that the American side would be protected from the “tyranny” of Communist party of China, which allegedly manifested in his attitude to Hong Kong.

“the CCP is destroying what distinguishes Hong Kong from the rest of China. As a result, the President [of the United States Donald trump] no longer believes that it is justified to treat Hong Kong the same as before,” he wrote on Twitter.

a Statement Pompeo sounded to a backdrop of trump, in which he announced the introduction of sanctions against officials of China and Hong Kong, involved in the “erosion of autonomy” Chinese special district.

In addition, the American leader announced the withdrawal of the U.S. from the world health organization over alleged Chinese control over her, and her unwillingness to take “necessary measures” to combat the pandemic coronavirus.

the Image of the tyrant

USA in recent years more and more increase of anti-Chinese rhetoric: “appoint” the guilty Beijing for the start of a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, support the anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong, talking about the PRC’s desire to Annex Taiwan and concentrate on India-China territorial dispute.

All these events occur simultaneously, what are the United States, forming around China’s image of the aggressor. Accusations of the White house find support in the Western media, which have a special emphasis on Hong Kong or Taiwan, as the information is presented through the prism of possible tough actions from the PRC.

In particular, The New York Times writes that the Chinese authorities are depriving Hong Kong’s autonomy, without regard for possible tough response from Washington. The reviewers of the publication are confident that China is ready to take decisive action even against the White house, despite all the economic risks.

a Adds fuel to the fire and that the mass anti-government protests in the Chinese special district not abated much of last year, and the Western media did not rule out using the army to suppress them, although in the end, by the way, no drastic measures had been taken.

In the question of Taiwan actively unwinds the information on sending two new aircraft carriers to the shores of the island de facto independent state, which refuses the unification with China. Senior Chinese officials did not rule out a military reunification with Taiwan, which only ptkreplay “aggressive image” of Beijing.

Problems with India also contribute to the overall picture, although the territorial dispute between the two countries lasted for more than half a century and the same at the border heard the shots — commentators of the American magazine Newsweek not exclude the possibility of open conflict.

As stated in conversation with “Газетой.Ru” the Director of the Center for comprehensive European and international studies Timofey Bordachev, at the present time, any action by China will be interpreted by Western media as aggressive.

“It’s nothing significant can be fraught — the usual propaganda war. No serious conflicts with its neighbors China does not have. Bad attitude from the PRC and the USA, in fact, this is such an interpretation of their behavior”, — the expert believes.

the Traditional tactics

At the same time acting Director of the Institute for Far Eastern studies Alexey Maslov said that China has not become more or less aggressive, and his tactics are absolutely not changed for the last 20 years.

“Americans correctly focus on a pain point of China to the rest of the world, it became clear what the Beijing. The main Chinese concept — extending outward, and first of all economic.”

Conflict with the United States launched the desire of the Chinese side to extend their technological standards and new developments, including 5G, the markets that are actually exclusively occupied by the Americans, continued Maslov, transition Washington to tough measures Beijing dislodged from a comfortable environment, forcing to start to change its policy.

First, China decided to switch to domestic market growth, as indicated by the Chinese President XI Jinping, as well as to pursue their own macroeconomic framework along with its partners — Central Asia and several countries from Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America.

“China enhances interaction with them, creating the so-called loop — with its standards, systems, money transfer and a virtual currency. If the situation continues to deepen, we get literally two of the world, not just a confrontation between China and the United States. That is, it will be a return to the model of the cold war, with the only difference that both countries are highly dependent from each other in economic terms — between USSR and USA was not like this,” — said the expert.

the Risks USA

In such circumstances, the increasing anti-Chinese rhetoric from Washington is likely to negatively affect his own position, given the economical cooperation of both countries.

Concentrating on pressure points of China Hong Kong or Taiwan — the US is trying to strengthen the conflict situation and to achieve decisive action on the part of Beijing, but in p��otinoves this approach is the desire of the Chinese authorities to manage crises.

Regarding Taiwan, China 15 years ago has actually passed a bill authorizing the seizure of the Peninsula, however, beyond the threats of the army of Beijing does. Formally, a similar story is repeated with Hong Kong, a military version of the crackdown is likely to be excluded. Even when the streets of the city went out millions of people, China is not left criticism of activists, allowing you to resolve the issue to local authorities.

a Military solution to the Taiwan question — the last thing he wants to do China, said Alexei Maslov. China will not lose the image of the state, the decisive conflicts of the political and diplomatic means.

“the Hong Kong and China will continue to draw him into its economic zone, thereby removing it from the global environment as an individual player, in particular, removing him from the United States. In fact, Beijing wants to shift the economic system of Hong Kong in the area of Great Bay,” — concluded the expert.