International football “People, power that has become full! Please enter the stadium!” Lokomotive Leipzig, in the late ‘ 80’s still the european cup, the 2-finalist, and now a German vierdeklasser, it has been a remarkable and creative initiative that has been launched. The club is selling tickets at 1 € for a ‘hidden match’. And it has been a great success.

Lokomotive Leipzig is a traditieclub. The first champion from Germany in 1903, and then as the VfB Leipzig. Also in 1906, 1913, and took it to the national championship. In 1987, the East German team, and the europa cup 2 in the final against Ajax. In spite of the 1-0 defeat, it is a game that will still be the high point in the history of the Lokomotive. After that, the club, now in the fourth class, has been systematically towards the lower reaches of German football and had to have it in the title of the biggest club in Leipzig to “RasenBallsport” show.

However, Lokomotive has managed to get himself back into the spotlight to play it. The coronacrisis is football, of course, also in Germany, be quiet, and that’s what the club is for a pack of income to disregard. At the very best there is to have 3,000 to 4,000 fans, was played at the Bruno Plache Stadium, for each match, the amount of the revenue an average of $ 30,000. Lokomotive was looking for a creative way to get to the head of financial need.

On the 19th of march, the club, the tickets will be 1 euro for an invisible match. It’s purpose is? A 120,000 unit sales. It is the equivalent of the unofficial number of spectators during the semi-finals of that famous european cup 2-the campaign of 1986-87, when the Strands of Leipzig, won by Burgundy, in the Zentralstadion, the current Red Bull Arena, which is built on the fundamentals of this football temple. Lokomotive seems to be succeeding in its aim: in the meantime, more than 112.000 tickets will be sold for this event – and the stealth up on the 8th of may. Some of the people with a ticket to see exactly is not yet known. “But it’s stadionlichten will be lit, there will be a live stream, and there will be critics,” says a spokesman for Lokomotive Leipzig, the BBC reports. “The proceeds will be used in order for the club to keep it going. We have 300 youth players, the staff, pay and infrastructure to maintain.”