While Turkey’s landskampsrekordholder Rüstü Recber struggling to survive coronavirussen, his wife ended up in the stormy weather.

It was Isil Recber, who a few days ago told on Instagram that the iconic former goalkeeper for the now 46-year-old was hit by coronavirussen and hospitalized.

It was the ‘critical and difficult times’, as the woman wrote.

the Sympathy and the support washed over the pair, but suddenly turned it for at least Isil Recber. While Rüstü Recbers state in the Marca were described as critical, could the Spanish newspaper also tell that it was the woman who had infected Rüstü Recber.

“She turned supposedly home from a trip to the UNITED states, and when she came home, she went directly to work without taking its 14-day quarantine. Something that has outraged several users on the social media,” writes Marca.

the Offence and modvinden has also hit Isil Recber. She was real enough in the UNITED states, and 16. march she returned home to Turkey.

She has responded to the sudden antipathy against her by the stories that she had infected her husband.

she did with a message to her husband, as she according to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet sent via its social media.

“You just need to be healthy. Com so, the virus can not beat you, please. You must not worry about me. Lynchstemning? I don’t care. You just need to get better,” says Isil Recber, among other things.

There is in Turkey great attention on the former landsholdsmålmands fight against coronavirussen, and if the atmosphere around the Isil Recber is a little more volatile, there is clear support for the virusramte legend.

Also from his former clubs, among other counts, Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Barcelona.

But right now Rüstü Recbers main support that is, that he gets from the Turkish health care professionals.