‘the House is on fire’.

this is the sound of the cards and the cash from the Danish Industry in this troubled corona-the time where Danish businesses have been hit hard.

the Government has launched various stimulus packages, which among other things include wage subsidies to demobilized employees and compensation for the fixed costs in pressed companies, and it is very much something that is well received in the corporate sector.

In any case, tells the Danish business authority, that they need up to 500 new employees, if they should be able to handle the many applications from Danish companies in køvandet on the government’s stimulus packages.

It writes the Watch Media,

‘the Management of the schemes require many resources. There is a software setup that must be in place, and we have employed the first 60 people to the process and expects to hire many more over the coming weeks. In total we expect to need up to 500 employees to handle kompensationsordningerne,’ writes the Danish business authority’s press office in an email to Watch Media.

the Danish business authority will also provide that there is to talk about temporary jobs.

And it can not go sharpish enough with hjælpepakkerne and corresponding approximately 500 recruitment.

At least not if you ask the Danish Industry, in a press release stresses that hjælpepakkerne must be implemented as soon as possible, if the pressure on the companies to survive.

‘the House is on fire, and with hjælpepakkerne we have put some of the fire hoses out, which is so urgently needed. Now it is about as soon as possible to get pressure in the hoses. In other words, hjælpepakkerne really out and work in companies. It’s urgent,’ says DI ceo Lars Sandahl Sørensen in press release.

the Government with Mette Frederiksen (S) in the lead selected on Monday to extend the restrictions in the first place ‘only’ had to have lasted for 14 days.

the Restrictions goods now instead up to the 13. april, which means that a wide range of shops, restaurants, shopping centres, hairdressers, nightclubs, tattoo parlors, etc. shall be kept closed until after easter.

Restaurants and cafes, however, has the opportunity to provide takeaway, even though the eateries are closed.