north Zealand Hospital, the test should clarify whether the sygehusansatte, who have had the corona, becomes immune.

Nordsjællands Hospital begins as the first place in the country to test the staff, whether they have formed antibodies in the blood after coronasmitte.

It’s important to first 200 doctors, nurses and other hospital staff.

– We have been in the unfortunate situation that we have had a lack of diagnostic testing through a good piece of time.

– So many with milder symptoms could not be tested. Therefore, we do not know whether they have had the disease already, says research director Thea Kølsen Fischer, Nordsjællands Hospital.

By using the blood samples of employees, one can gain an overview of how many employees have been infected with the virus without knowing it.

it is Also the plan that you will regularly take blood samples of the same employees for up to five years.

On the way, can you clarify whether the persons who have already been infected, become immune.

– We assume that if you have been infected and have antibodies in the blood, so you can not be infected again. But we know it’s actually not. For it is a disease with a very short historical knowledge, says Thea Kølsen Fischer.

There has been great interest on the part of the employees to sign up for the trial, she says.

Many employees are concerned about whether they themselves run the risk of becoming infected or bringing infection home to their families.

– It will give a psychological feeling of security in relation to to be subjected to more virussmitte, if you know that you have already had the virus, says Thea Kølsen Fischer.

the Interest is according to the forskningschefen so great that one is considering to expand the target audience from 200 to 300 persons.

Also in the hospital in Nykøbing Falster begins later in the week to test employees for antibodies after coronasmitte.

health workforce with mild symptoms of coronavirus can be tested for whether they are infected with the virus.

However, the test only provides a snapshot and says nothing about whether the person has previously been infected.

Also, there has over a period been the lack of testing equipment. This has meant that not all could be tested to the desired extent.