a Unique image of Vladimir Mayakovsky was not only a progressive and vibrant poems, but the style of clothing, which he followed. About the evolution of style one of the most famous poets of the twentieth century and about his favourite accessory from the collection of the State Museum of VV Mayakovsky — in joint material and the Agency “Moscow”.

Clothing futurist poets was to shock the bourgeois layman no less than trenchant lyrics. Some wore bright, flashy things, others have replaced the flowers in the lapels of his jacket for vegetables — radish or carrot, and others drew on the face with intricate patterns.

“Slap public taste” was the title of his first collection of futurists in Moscow poetic group “Gilea” in 1912. Debuted in this collection Vladimir Mayakovsky soon bowed to public taste a resounding slap, dressed in one of their first performances in black and yellow jacket. She made a lasting impression on the city audience, not accustomed to see in the scene such outfits. The young poet was very happy: the jacket was a protest against the coats and the jackets, which was made to act.

This jacket appeared in the wardrobe of the poet, not only because of his desire to shocking. While Mayakovsky’s family lived very poorly, my clothes were not. Vladimir Vladimirovich had to walk through the manufacturing shops looking for an inexpensive but colorful fabric. In one of the stalls he found black-and-yellow bumatay from which his mother Aleksandra Alekseevna made thing has become one of the symbols of Russian futurism.

the popularity of the jackets are very rapidly. It began to pay attention not only to lovers of poetry — it has come to the attention of the police. The Metropolitan police did not accept the values that embodied this bold thing. Before one of the performances in the Polytechnical Museum, Mayakovsky was forbidden to appear in the jacket on the stage. The poet has managed to cope with this situation is a trick — he came into the hall in a normal jacket, but behind the scenes dressed in a favorite sweater, which he had smuggled Korney Chukovsky.

Soon like the popularity of this garment became a symbol, has become a burden Mayakovsky. In the autumn of 1914 in the newspaper “Nov” published an article of the poet, in which he wrote:

At the end of the same year the poet was going to Petrograd, but on the road he never had. Then he decided to sell some of my stuff to the junk man — including the famous jacket. Regrets about this Mayakovsky had, after all, he had already begun to get used to a different style of clothing.

At the end of 1913, Vladimir Mayakovsky, along with his fellow futurists went on a tour of Russia. For this trip Mr Putin decided to update your wardrobe and bought a few things, changed its appearance.

in the Autumn of the same year, the poet is met by Benedikt Livshits, who in his book “On Mayakovsky” has described their meeting: “I did not immediately recognize him. Too he was different from the previous, into the everlasting Vladimir Mayakovsky. looks like the blouse of a nurse. Mayakovsky was childish proud of the change in their appearance, but clearly have not mastered either with new stuff or with the new role, which obliged him these things.”

One of the cities on the tour of the futurists was Kazan. They arrived in February 1914. One of the best photographers of the town, the young poets decided to order advertising the pictures. For your photo Mayakovsky adopted a dramatic pose: one hand pocketed and the other took a cigarette and his favorite cane. This the loved poet — later he often had to sign it for fans. Today this photo is one of the most recognizable portraits of him.

unfortunately, the photos of those years do not convey the color of the clothes of Mayakovsky. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, and his personal correspondence, in those years, the poet loved to experiment with color. For example, often wore a pink Tux (he told in one of his letters to his sister Lyudmila) and crimson vest.

1915 became for Vladimir Mayakovsky swivel for several reasons. First, in that year, he met with Lilya Brik, who became the main Muse of the poet, and secondly, it was then he bade farewell to futurism. These changes have altered his appearance: out of the closet disappeared forever colorful shirts and vests, giving way to a simple, elegant costumes.

For all the fashionistas of the early XX century one of the main accessories were a walking stick. This garment is warm felt and Vladimir Mayakovsky. In his collection there were several canes. One of them even appeared in the film “Not for money born”, in which Mayakovsky co-wrote the script and played the main role. The picture has not survived, and the cane is now kept in the collections of the State Museum of VV Mayakovsky.

the Script of the film “Not for money born” was based on the immortal work of Jack London “Martin Eden”, the story which was passed on to the Russian realities. The main character of the book, Mayakovsky saw himself — the road, Martin Eden, from ordinary people to the highest circles of society was very similar to the way of life of the poet. In the film this way it is possible to trace how changed the appearance of the Russian Martin Eden, Ivan Nova. In the beginning of the tape the main character was dressed in simple clothes similar to those worn by the Vladimir Mayakovsky in 1910-1911, and in the end — in an expensive suit. In April 1918, Mayakovsky Lilya Brik wrote: “the Picture cinema cum… In the last act, I’m dandy.”

With his beloved cane Mr Putin did not part for a long time. One day he met the mother of actor Mikhail Yanshin’s Alexandra Pavlovna. After learning that the old aching back and legs, the poet with no regrets gave her a cane. Alexandra Pavlovna went with it to the end of life. After her death the stick of Vladimir Mayakovsky moved to Mikhail Yanshin, who had carefully kept it.

In the State Museum of V. V. Mayakovsky relic came after the death of Mikhail Mikhailovich in 1982 to the Museum it was presented to the widow of the actor Nonna Meyer.