The Telegram channel “Old Moscow” shared the history of “Moscow Hollywood” under photos taken from one point with a difference of 91 years.

“"Moscow Hollywood" on Vorobyevsky Highway (now Alexey Kosygin Street) was laid in the fall of 1927. Then this place was called the united Moscow factory “Sovkino”. At the very beginning of 1931, the building was put into operation, from then until 1935, the farm was called in the spirit of the times — the Moscow Film Combine"”, — said the author of the post.

According to him, at the same time, large shooting pavilions, an assembly shop, and rooms for actors were placed in the main building of the Combine. Filming began there in 1932.

In 1935, the place received the official name “Mosfilm”, under which it is still known. Today, there are significantly more pavilions at Mosfilm, in front of the very first of them there is a bust of director Sergei Bondarchuk in the square named after him, the publication says.

Earlier, a wooden mansion that survived thanks to the revolutionary Vladimir Lenin was found in Moscow. Originally it was the summer residence of banker Adolf Junker, built under the guidance of the famous architect, Art Nouveau master Adolf Erichson.